Political Prisoner Ian Whannel

Please visit my website and join in the condemnation of how political prisoner Ian Whannel is being treated by blackmailed Royal prince Charles.


Find out how political prisoner Ian Whannel has been either under virtual house arrest or forced to live in a tent in a forest patrolled 24/7 by security service personnel. Find out how Mr Whannel’s food gets poisoned at source and how much he gets bullied, intimidated and humiliated by the British state each time he ventures out for food, water or a pre-arranged visit to the Job Center. It may seem unbelievable but it’s true and it could happen to anyone. Royals like prince Charles will do anything to anyone to protect their own reputation while being blackmailed and they have the powers to do so.

Ian Whannel

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Please Visit The Classic Rock forum

Classic rock

The Classic Rock Forum is a friendly community forum that is free to join, we have an extensive list of Rock album reviews to search through and talk about. So feel free to sign up today by clicking on the above link.

Status Quo

Status Quo were formed in the late sixties after touring the Holiday camp circuits, their music to begin with was very psychedelic but they soon turned to a more rocking sound and by the early 70’s were churning out classic albums like dog of two heads, hello, piledriver and by the mid 70’s on the level and Quo. after this the classic line up split leaving just Francis Rossi and Rick Parrfit and most ardent fans would say they were never the same after the split but never the less still had commercial success through the 80’s and 90’s and even into the new Century when they had a brief re-union of the original band before Rick sadly passed away.

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